Creative Facilitation Training Series

An overview

Spark potential in youth and adults by unleashing creativity! A powerful training series for anyone who leads groups: youth workers, teachers, facilitators, community and business leaders, artists, organizers, YOU. (No arts experience required.)

Harness the incredible power of creativity to transform your programs, classroom, or workplace. In our Creative Facilitation Training series, you’ll gain potent but practical skills and strategies for unlocking potential and purpose in youth, or groups of adults. This is big!

Research shows that when you open the gates of creativity, you allow motivation, collaboration, and achievement to take flight. Learn to create an empowering space in which transformative learning experiences can take place. Equipped with arts-infused practices and principles of group dynamics, you can be the spark that ignites potential in those around you. PYE will show you how. Prepare to be amazed by what you can do.

Join Us and Learn

  • A step-by-step process for setting your program up for success

  • Communication skills that create a safe and supportive environment

  • Ways to increase social and emotional intelligence

  • How to design and deliver effective lessons, workshops and meetings

  • Strategies for engaging resistant group members

  • A toolkit of activities to build confidence, creative expression and community connection in groups of all ages


To Be Announced


Commonweal is a nonprofit and does not generate revenue through most of our trainings. Fees collected help offset the direct costs of the program you are registering for. Our goal is to make trainings accessible to anyone who wishes to attend and we do not want financial considerations to deter anyone from registering. Please select the pay level that is most appropriate for you. If none of the choices fit your needs, please select “other” and contact for further assistance.

$300 : Full rate
$225 : 75% Scholarship Rate (for Non-Profit Workers)
$150 : 50% Scholarship Rate (for Students)
Other: Please email for more information

What People Say

“I have attended many training programs across the globe. This has been by far the best—not just in terms of learning alone but in the way it has transformed how I facilitate my own programs.”
Business Leadership Program, School of Inspired Leadership, India

“The activities that you taught us have become a key component of the daily community-building efforts of our program.”
Ashoka Youth Venture, Washington, DC

“I was amazed by the wide range of skills that I gained from every single activity. It made me appreciate creativity-based tools in a whole new way.”
CF1 Training alumni, Seattle

“My team was absolutely blown away by the Creative Facilitation training—they want more!”
Harlequin Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa

“Being at the Creative Facilitation training will forever change the way I teach. Now I know how to engage my students.”
Teacher, Bangalore India

“The PYE Global training was highly effective in developing our young entrepreneurs’ leadership skills. As a result of the training this group has remained a cohesive, energized and engaged network that continues to thrive.”
The Duke of Edinburgh Award’s International Association, London, UK