Events & Trainings

This is a comprehensive listing of events across all of our programs during 2018. To register and learn more about each of the specific offerings, you may be taken to a dedicated program site.

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Earth Wisdom Immersion: *POSTPONED* to OCT 3, 2018 – oct 7, 2018

A five-day retreat that draws from contemporary and ancient Earth-based wisdom traditions, to support an embodied experience of what it is to live into our true inheritance.

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Awakening Immersion: Aug 1, 2018 – Aug 5, 2018

A five-day retreat to support an embodied shift, out of what is conditioned and separate, into what is ever-evolving and connected with all life.

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Awakening Vision Fast: Sep 26, 2018 – Oct 6, 2018

A ten-day journey offering transformation, healing and insight, that centers on a three-day solo immersion in beautifully bio-diverse Mojave National Preserve.

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